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How is the BRHC connected to the BPOA?

The Berkeley Rental Housing Coalition is an affiliate of the Berkeley Property Owners and is its legal and political arm. As a member of the BRHC, you are automatically a member of the BPOA.

Who are the board members and how are they elected?

See who represents you on our Board of Directors. They are elected at our annual meeting. 

As a member, how many votes do I get?

Each member gets one vote per unit of ownership. The BRHC does permit proxy voting, either by issue or through a written document granting of proxy to another BRHC member.

How can I become a board member?

If you are interested in exploring becoming a board member, please contact our Executive Director, Krista Gulbransen, krista at bpoa.org.

Who decides how the money is spent?

In 2018 the board authorized 50% of membership dues would be reserved for the Legal Defense Fund and $50 per unit would be reserved for the fight to keep Costa Hawkins. The remaining funds are to be allocated per the Board’s discretion including for operational use. Any reallocation of funds from the Legal Defense Fund would require a vote of the majority of the board present plus one. An annual statement will be sent to each member for the years in which we do political activity, for political donation reporting purposes, on what percentage of their dues was used for purposes of the Political Action Committee.

Can I pay less than $250 per unit or just pay for some of my units only?

Membership dues are $250 per unit, the same amount you give to the Rent Stabilization Board each year. The Board of Directors determined that this was the appropriate amount needed to do the heavy lifting around long term objectives including legal and political actions. The work that the Coalition is doing is for the benefit of all property owners and all rental housing. We ask that you properly report the number of units you own or are invested in, and pay accordingly to help support these very critical issues.

How can I get updates about the issues the Coalition is working on?

Our website is kept up-to-date with issues of concern. It is regularly updated to reflect where a particular issue stands as it works its way through City Hall. Coalition members will receive regular communications and always have an open line into the Executive Director for more information.

How can I learn more?

Have a conversation with our Executive Director, Krista Gulbransen, krista at bpoa.org (or 510-304-3575) to get the latest update on the Coalition’s focus and projects or just to tell us your experience as a rental property owner in Berkeley. You can also read our Annual Report for more information on our organization.

What are the objectives of the BRHC?

The BRHC is dedicated to representing the voice of rental housing providers in a manner that works to restore fairness, efficiency and objectivity to Berkeley’s rental housing policies. Our primary work is dedicated to changing the political landscape and public policy of Berkeley as well as researching and acting upon legal defenses. We support reasonable, rational and collaborative approaches to housing affordability. 

Berkeley Rental Housing Coalition

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