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Berkeley Rental Housing Coalition

Why Join the Coalition?

This is about your business.

While many property owners consider Berkeley Rent Control and Eviction for Good Cause Ordinance to be misguided public policy, they have accepted that this is the landscape they must operate in. But over the last decade, things have gotten out of control in the administration of the ordinance and the scope of what the organization considers is their responsibility. We believe the Rent Stabilization Board $5mm+ budget should be at a more reasonable level, that it should eliminate its involvement in endeavors unrelated to the ordinance and pursue reform that depoliticizes the board. 

The City of Berkeley has many worthy causes. Too often, the solutions are inadequately vetted, with little thought to how they will be funded and the consequences that will occur. This results in the scope and cost of city government increasing, which results in inferior performance at core city functions. In order to fund the city's over inflated budget, rental housing providers are being taxed disproportionately through city fees and more direct methods. And when City Council passes new regulations that detrimentally affect our investments, it makes it more difficult and costly to improve our properties. 

By joining the BRHC, you support the efforts of our Executive Director and others to lobby city council members and rent board commissioners, attend meetings, participate in the political process and work to draft new or modified regulations. As an organization we support and collaborate with those who share our vision for more fair and reasonable housing policies.